ADRIENNE by D. Renee Bagby

Description: After being saved from an attack by a mysterious stranger, Adrienne wakes up on an alternate Earth called Bron. She soon discovers that she is the soul mate of a young Asian king named Malik and that she’s basically been bridenapped. Cue the conflict.

The Good: Lots and lots of story, interesting world-building, and a well set-up mystery.

The Bad:¬†Unfortunately though this story has lots of potential, it’s populated by two rather unpleasant people. Adrienne is generally cranky, she lacks curiosity, and at times, she’s incredibly rude to her servants. Malik himself is entitled, spoiled, and physically abusive to his servants and subjects. It’s hard to cheer for a happy ending for the fantasy equivalent of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, and it’s a credit to Bagby’s storytelling skills that I was even able to finish this book.

The Naughty: A couple of sex scenes. Steamy.

Editing issues: Imprecise language and dialogue, and minor grammar errors (8 by my count).

Publisher: Samhain

Length: Novel

Final Grade: C-

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