FRIENDS by Thayer King

Description: Kayla wakes up after a night of hot sex with her best friend, Joshua. A whole lot of drama ensues.

The Good: Kayla and Joshua not only have hot sex, they seem very well-suited for each other. Also, Joshua’s brother is very intriguing and well set-up for his own book. And I loved that the two main characters had founded a design firm together.

The Bad: The tone of the book is a bit judgmental. For example, whenever one of Joshua’s exes show up at the office, his staff jokingly calls it a Code W. The “W” stands for Whore. And this is just one example of slut-shaming that doesn’t feel like it should have any place in an erotic romance. There’s also a twist with an ex-girlfriend that just isn’t well-executed.

The Naughty: Unprotected sex, Virgin, Erotic.

Editing issues: None that I’m remembering.

Publisher: Sugar and Spice Press

Length: Category

Final Grade: C

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