GET YOUR SEXY ON by Kimberly Kaye Terry

Description:¬†After one night of all-consuming passion, Sin, ends up running away from private investigator, Mac, and her life as a stripper. A year later, he stumbles upon her in her new life as a teacher and their passion for each other explodes again, but will their relationship be able to overcome all the drama from Sin’s past?

The Good: Mind-blowing sex, a complicated back story, and well-plotted suspense makes this novel a serious page turner. Also, one of Mac’s old military associates is not only super-sexy, but also set up well for a book of his own.

The Bad: The character of Sin’s brother is a catalyst but never fully developed. Some readers might find Mac’s extreme alpha male behavior offensive (I didn’t, but I’m just putting it out there). Also, Kensington has not priced the e-book well: despite being over three years old, it’s $8.32.

The Naughty: Agressive sex, rough talk, and anal.

Editing issues: None

Publisher: Kensington Aphrodisia

Length: 304 pages

Final Grade: B

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