LOVE UNSPOKEN by Delilah Hunt

Description: When reformed bad girl, Noelle Williams, lays eyes on tall, mute cowboy, Cole McKinney, it’s passion at first sight. Can they overcome their respective baggage and find love in each other’s arms?

The Good: I don’t know what it is about a man who literally cannot talk, but Cole McKinney is HOT, HOT, HOT! You’ll be cheering for this damaged couple by a few chapters in. Also loved that the heroine is super-flawed in a complicated but non-angry-black-woman sort of way.

The Bad: The cover is a stock photo, and this book deserved better. Also, while the sex is steaming hot, the physical descriptions tended toward the anatomical. For example, at one point we get a full description of Cole’s cock, complete with veins and color, which can take you out of the story — especially when you’re waiting for the sexing to start.

The Naughty: Rough sex, lots of BJ.

Editing issues:¬†Minor — I counted 9 grammatical mistakes.

Publisher: Evernight Publishing

Length: 208 pages

Final Grade: B+

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