DAISY’S CHOICE by Sienna Mynx

Description: The second book in her “Tale of Three Hearts” trilogy, let’s us know what happens five years after Daisy loses her hometown boyfriend, Pete Doyle, and her innocence after accepting a “million dollar proposal” from Las Vegas tycoon, Aiden Keane.  Aiden has become obsessed with finding Daisy, but when he does much drama ensues.

The Good: I seriously want my favorite soap opera, GENERAL HOSPITAL, to hire Ms. Mynx, because she knows how to write Drama with a capital “D.” Her characters are incredibly-but-compellingly flawed, and she’s set up a truly tangled triangle here. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.

The Bad: See the “Editing issues” section. Ms. Mynx also tends to repeat situations. Aiden, Daisy and Pete have so many confrontations, it’s hard to get excited about them toward the end. She’d get away with this, if we were watching a soap opera, but this is a book, and it is way, way  too long. She definitely needs to trim the fat.

The Naughty: Steamy. Outdoor sex. 

Editing issues: Lots and lots of grammar errors. Weird formatting (double spaces between paragraphs in Smashwords).

Publisher: The Diva’s Pen

Length: 475 pages

Final Grade: C+

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