GOLD MOUNTAIN by Sharon Cullars

Description: In 1865 both Leah and Qiang come to California during the Gold Rush, hoping to find their fortunes. Instead they find each other.

The Good: Oh, I just loved this book. Both the hero and the heroine were worth cheering for all the way to the end. The sex was super-sensual and what a lovely, lovely romance. Cullars has an amazing sense of time and place, and really plunges you into her historical setting. The love interests were very well-developed and well-matched. This is by far the best BW/AM romance I have ever read.

The Bad: Considering the quality of the writing, this book hasn’t found nearly as many readers as it should have. If you do read it and love it as much as I did, please consider telling a friend or at the very least, leaving a review on Amazon and GoodReads.

The Naughty: Sensual sex.

Editing issues: None

Publisher: Loose ID

Length: Novel

Final Grade: A

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