Description: Two kids and one divorce later, Creigh finds herself pregnant once again from a one night stand. As it turns out, her ex-husband, Dean, just might be her knight in shining armor.

The Good: I’m a sucker for situations I’ve never seen before, and I’ve never come across an IR romance in which the heroine is divorced, pregnant with another man’s baby, and falling back in love with her ex-husband. I weirdly loved all the pregnant hanky panky, and also liked that Matthews highlighted the romance of really knowing each other. In this book, familiarity breeds really hot sex.

The Bad: These two fight a lot and it gets plenty petty on both sides. Watching another couple fight isn’t fun in real life, and it got to be a bit much at times in this book. Also, Creigh’s reasons for divorcing Dean were a bit underwhelming. It was hard to understand why she would leave the father of her two children for the reasons she put forth. And, not Matthews fault, but Loose ID has priced the book just a bit too high as of this writing.

The Naughty: Strong language/name-calling, anal, pregnant sex.

Editing issues: None that I remember.

Publisher: Loose ID

Length: 228 pages

Final Grade: B

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