LOVE SCRIPT: Deluxe by Tiffany Ashley

Description: After she catches her boyfriend cheating, overworked Laney Parks decides to take a cruise by herself. It just so happens that the CEO of her company, Nick Sinclair, is on the cruise and needs her to pretend to be his wife!

The Good: Well, the sex was extremely top-notch. Ms. Ashley does “my head’s telling me no, but my body’s telling me yes” very well. Also, the premise is stellar and that cover is to die for. Ms. Ashley could probably make a lot of money designing covers for other writers. It’s what got me to buy the book for $8.99, no sample needed.

The Bad: Nick is very hard to like. He’s callous and untrustworthy and though they got along very well in bed, the logical part of me couldn’t quite connect with them as a couple. Also, a few of the cruise scenes seemed repetitive, and Nick and Laney fight so much, that got repetitive, too.

The Naughty: Forced seduction, erotic descriptions. 

Editing issues: Weird formatting throughout.

Publisher: Circle 1 Publishing

Length: 298 pages

Final Grade: B-

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