ROCK STAR by Roslyn Hardy Holcomb

Description: When Bryan Spencer, the lead singer of Storm Crow, moves to a small southern town to recover from his best friend’s death, he meets Callie Lawson, a bookstore owner who helps him to heal. But can their small town romance survive within the world of his big time career?

The Good: The story is very compelling, and it was so nice to read an IR romance with a hero that leaned beta. Not every author can pull a beta off, but Holcomb does it well, and crafts a very attractive hero in Bryan Spencer. It was also refreshing to see two characters bond over a mutual love of reading. On a setting note, ROCK STAR has really great local flavoring.  And, on a crafting note, if you’re going make the controversial decision to head hop, look at ROCK STAR. Ms. Holcomb does it so well, I didn’t even notice it was happening most of the time, because the progression to another character’s head seemed completely natural. I’m happy to have found this author and will definitely be seeking out more of her work. Oh, and I love the cover!

The Bad: The heroine doesn’t have a clear arc. She’s kind at times, but also judgmental, stubborn, and indecisive. Her negative character traits never get fully resolved or explored. Although many people are indecisive in real life, this character trait is extremely hard to pull off in story. It becomes hard to root for Callie, because throughout the book one feels that Bryan wants and is fighting for the relationship while Callie is somewhat mulishly flip-flopping.

The Naughty: Steamy heat level. 

Editing issues: Minor. I counted five typos.

Publisher: Indigo Love Spectrum

Length: 320 pages

Final Grade: B

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