SAFE by Shara Azod and Raelynn Blue

Description: When Briony’s no-good husband is murdered, her now former brother-in-law, Quentin steps in to both claim and protect her.

The Good: Quentin is a balls-to-the-wall kind of hero, very intense, very alpha, and all in from the start. Briony’s a very sweet girl, and it’s easy to see their attraction for each other, even if we’re not there for its genesis. Also, the sex is H.O.T.

The Bad: The story feels a bit rushed in places with emotional arcs like Briony’s relationship with her parents mentioned but left completely undeveloped. There’s also a subplot with Quentin’s partner which distracts from the bigger story and fails to titillate.

The Naughty: Erotic, sex in public places, explicit language, unprotected sex.

Editing issues: Lots of typos, weird formatting.

Publisher: Azod & Blue Present

Length: 164 pages

Final Grade: B

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