Description: When Summer Showers moves to Whispering Mountain for a new job, she takes an offer to stay with her cousins-in-law Dillon, Denver, and Dalton Durden until the remodels on her house are done. Cue the menage quarto!

The Good: Summer is an enthusiastic partner, and the sex scenes are scorching hot with tons of variations. Also, I really loved Summer’s job. She’s a landscape engineer — how cool!

The Bad: This book is basically a bunch of good ideas with no craft whatsoever. I can see the author’s raw talent trying to claw its way up, but it’s buried under poor writing (telling not showing, stilted language, weak character motivation, head hopping) and underdeveloped characters. Ms. Alexander has an innate sense of structure, but does not have her storytelling basics down. It made for a very frustrating read.

The Naughty: Erotic, foursomes, public groping, anal, trains.

Editing issues: Minor typos

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Length: 166 pages

Final Grade: D

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