THE ARRANGEMENT by Delaney Diamond

Description: With her beloved brother’s business at stake, Alexa has no choice but to ask her estranged husband, Brazilian business tycoon, Leonardo da Silva, for a loan. He agrees, but for a price: Alexa must resume her role as his wife for two months.

The Good: As glamorous as Leonardo and Alexa are, I love that their marriage is bogged down by the most common of problems: lack of communication. It made them feel like a very realistic couple. Leonardo is also very old-school alpha, so it’s great to see his emotional struggle throughout the book. This book realistically portrays the downside of marrying a driven businessman.

The Bad: As much as I loved this couple, their communication issues remain a problem throughout the story and are used to progress the plot, which at times felt like a story cheat. I wished that more time had been spent crafting Leonardo’s and Alexa’s arc as a couple as opposed to their individual arcs.

The Naughty: Remembered sexual encounters, sex tied up, a few fade-to-black scenes. Sensual. 

Editing issues: None that I remember

Publisher: Amira Press

Length: Category

Final Grade: B-

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