THE GRUNT by Latrivia S. Nelson

Description:¬†Staff Sergeant Brett Black suddenly finds himself widowed, with no one to look after his little boy. Enter Courtney Lawless, a wild-child, surfing librarian and the Lieutenant Colonel’s daughter. She’s recently been laid off from her job and agrees to become Brett’s live-in nanny. Passion and drama alike ensues.

The Good: This story is a super-hot and sexy page turner. It’s also offers rather fresh situations as far as IR is concerned. I was just as compelled by the story as the relationship. Unlike many a prickly IR heroine, Courtney is both interesting and sweet. It’s hard not to cheer for her. Oh, and that cover is H.O.T.

The Bad: See the editing section. Also, Black’s dead wife is painted as a two-dimensional villain with so few redeeming qualities that she dips into caricature. In general, this is a “stand by your Marine” sort of book, and if you have any womanist ideals whatsoever, it might rub you the wrong way.

The Naughty: Light BDSM, rough sex.

Editing issues:¬†Craft and editing wise, the writing is so poor, that it is a credit to Ms. Nelson’s superior storytelling skills that I was able to get through this entire book. It’s particularly upsetting, because one gets the feeling that Ms. Nelson could truly become a reader favorite and an IR staple writer if she would only engage an editor.

Publisher: RiverHouse Publishing LLC

Length: 326

Final Grade: D

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