NOT FOR SALE by Sandra Marton

Description: Brazillian businessman, Lucas Viera, needs a translator who can pose as his girlfriend and speak Russian, so a co-worker helps him engage the services of Dani Sinclair, a woman who speaks Russian, but also happens to be a high-priced escort on the side. She asks grad student, Caroline,  an old classmate of hers, to step in. Passion ensues, despite Lucas’s reservations about falling for someone he believes to be an escort.

The Good: This was a funny and sweet story, and Marton is very good at heating up the page without being explicit. She puts her characters in great situations, and there’s a high level of romance. It’s easy to understand why this couple would fall for each other. I also loved that most of the book was from Lucas’s point of view.

The Bad: “Great Misunderstanding” plots are really tricky. Marton does better than most with hers, but at a few points, one wonders why Lucas keeps on assuming and won’t start just communicating with Caroline already. Weirdly, the massive amounts of interior dialogue that he has with himself doesn’t really help us get on board with his reasoning, especially toward the end. Also, tears get way overused. Caroline gets hit with a case of the waterworks a lot throughout the book.

The Naughty: Sensual heat level.

Editing issues: Minor typos (3 by my count)

Publisher: Harlequin

Length: 192 pages

Final Grade: B

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