Description: When sheriff Simon Boothe is wrongly accused of a crime and sentenced to hang due to the machinations of the most villainous businessman in town, he escapes and flees to a nearby outlaw town. Here, he meets Delight Blue who also has a serious bone to pick with his enemy. The only thing they become more passionate about than revenge is each other.

The Good: Simon and Delight are well … delightful. And Delight makes this book especially worth reading. She’s a great example of how to give your heroine a ton attitude without making her overly prickly and turning off the reader. She has hopes and dreams and moments of awesome fierceness; I was rooting for her and Simon all the way. As a couple, they’re highly romantic and a pleasure to read. Oh, and I love that cover!

The Bad: It’s a historical romance, but there are lots of modern idioms, so if you’re an accuracy snob, you’ll be upset. There were so many side characters whose names began with “J” that it got confusing at times. Also there’s a twist that isn’t properly set up and another female character whose motivations are rather unclear.

The Naughty: Erotic. Outdoor sex. Explicit language.

Editing issues: Negligible. I counted four typos.

Publisher: Amira Press

Length: 152 pages

Final Grade: B

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