PRICELESS by Lena Matthews

Description: While poor newlyweds, Nia and Eric spend their first Christmas together in the cold city where he’s doing his residency, they heat up the winter nights with love and passion.

The Good: Ms. Matthews does a wonderful job of making married sex very hot. She sets up great situations for the couple, and the love scenes are very well-executed. Nia is lovely and sweet and easy to root for. I was also a big fan of Eric’s best work friend, Dominic, and Lena’s best work friend, Julia. Can’t wait to read their BW/AM story. Last but not least, this story was a great length for the price.

The Bad: The “Gift of the Magi” plot itself doesn’t really kick in for several chapters, so there’s not much but sex and banter to drive the story for quite a while. And I wish that publishers would just retire that stock photo already. Not Ms. Matthews fault, but it’s been seriously overused, and I really couldn’t be more tired of seeing it.

The Naughty: Erotic. Hospital sex, closet sex. Highly recommended for couples who want to enjoy a sexy co-read.

Editing issues: None.

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Length: 140 pages

Final Grade: B

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