STRANGE LITTLE BAND by Nancy Brauer and Vanessa Brooks

Description: Shane and Addison, two brilliant and egotistical psychics fall for each other hard after being brought together by their corporate overlords’ breeding program. A tumultuous and tortured love affair, spanning 12 years, ensues.

The Good: STRANGE LITTLE BAND is probably the strangest little IR romance I’ve ever read, and I really dug it. It’s kind of like DR. WHO meets RED DWARF meets Wolfram and Heart (the evil corp from the ANGEL series) meets DAYS OF OUR LIVES. I like(d) all of those programs, so I was sold from the start. And I couldn’t download the rest of the novel fast enough after reading the sample. It was really interesting to read a romance embedded inside an action-filled family drama, and I love that the heroine has an even stronger sexual appetite than the hero. Seriously, I wanted this to be a TV series so bad that I’m having a bit of trouble not remembering it as such.

The Bad: Shane calls Addison “bitch” and “whore” more than he calls her by her actual name. For some readers this will be really off-putting. There’s total overuse of the word “smirked,” and you’re either going to love or hate how involved Addison’s two kids get with the story.

The Naughty: Steamy. Shape-shifting sex, psychic sex, sex with multiple partners, foursome.

Editing issues: Minor. I counted six typos.

Publisher: TripTych LLC

Length: 366 pages

Final Grade: A-

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