THE PRICE OF PASSION by Stephanie Morris

Description: After one heated night of passion, Kaden and Sierra (who thought she was infertile) discover that they have a a very special Christmas package on the way. Can they overcome their baggage and give each other the love they’ve always longed for?

The Good: This was such a sweet, sweet story. It’s always a tremendous treat to watch two nice, but extremely guarded people fall in love. Kaden is a gem of a hero and exceedingly easy to love. My heart was with him from page one. He’s written with great physicality and really gets in Sierra’s space. I loved that he saw his part in his divorce with his first wife — that’s so rare in romance novels. And I also loved that he and Sierra really communicated. There are so many novels where the two main characters, who are supposed to be falling in love, just refuse to really talk to each other — but Sierra and Kaden go in deep. It made me really invest in them as a couple and reminded me how sexy good communication can be in real life and on the page!

The Bad: See my editing issues. Also, there was a brother who is mentioned often but never met.

The Naughty: Sensual heat-level.

Editing issues:¬†There were so many typos, that I had to take an entire star away from an otherwise excellent book. Because of the many errors, I assumed this was a self-published book. So how surprised was I to see that it was published by Sugar and Spice Press? Real talk: This press is taking a large percentage of the cover price, but didn’t bother to do an even halfway decent copyedit. If I were the author, I would demand that this book be given to a proofreader* and then never work with this company again. Ever. Seriously, shame on you, Sugar and Spice — you have too many terrific authors in your fold to treat their work this shabbily.

Publisher: Sugar and Spice Press

Length: Category

Final Grade: B

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*Note to the author: If SNP does get an edited version up, let me know and I’ll revise my review.