TRUE MATES by Zena Wynn

Description: A bi-racial woman who works too hard and plays too little is unexpectedly transported to a meadow, where she is literally left hanging for her true mate werewolf. He finds her — oh, does he find her. But will her need for control kill their newfound relationship?

The Good: Well, the sex comes fast and hot. But at the same time I completely believed that these two passionate people would hook up from the jump off. Ms. Wynn does a great job setting up the story in that regard. And it’s a great situation, in that they have sex first things first, then spend the rest of the story getting to know each other. The heroine is big-boned, and I really liked the gentle-but-alpha hero.

The Bad: The story falls into the same trap that many “fated” love stories fall into. It’s hard to believe that their relationship is ever really under threat, and so the story as a whole lacks conflict. It’s kind of like watching a newly domestic couple, who you know will definitely be getting married, setting up house and having lots of fantastic sex, and talking their way through any emotional landmines that come up. It’s not boring, but it’s not a page turner either. The set-up of the next book in the series (NIKOLAI’S WOLF), which involves a forbidden vampire-werewolf pairing is also problematic. On one hand it’s very intriguing, in that the next story will certainly have plenty of conflict, a big bad, and both emotional and tangible obstacles for the couple to surmount. On the other it takes up a considerable chunk of this story, which is supposed to be about another couple all together. More focus on the main couple, with a smaller set up for the next book would have been preferable. Also, for whatever reason this isn’t available as an ebook on Amazon, just iBooks and other sites.

The Naughty: Erotic. Lots of sex. Dubious consent.

Editing issues: Minor typos

Publisher: Loose Id

Length: 138 pages

Final Grade: B-

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