Description: When Missy and T.S. are called upon to serve as maid of honor and best man at their best friends’ wedding, they have no idea that sparks will also fly between the two of them. However, things that happened in the past get in the way of the relationship they’re forming today.

The Good: I’m a big fan of regular H/Hs with plausible internal conflicts, and this book falls neatly into that category. These are two people who have been hurt terribly in the past and this has them both terrified of getting involved in a serious relationship. Their conflict felt realistic as did their character motivation. Both parties had my full sympathy, and the fact that they are so afraid of love makes it that much sweeter when they fall hard for each other.

The Bad: Missy is accused of being a snob and an ice queen by quite a few of the characters, but is rarely shown being anything but warm, sensual, and accommodating. It felt like other characters kept trying to tell us who Missy was supposed to be, but nothing she actually did indicated that she deserved the icy reputation she had.

The Naughty: Sensual to erotic heat level.

Editing issues: Two typos found.

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Length: 145 pages

Final Grade: B

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