BEG FOR IT by Minx Malone

Description: Best friends and ad execs, Mya and Milo, are fierce competitors in the boardroom, but they’re both nursing secret crushes on each other. Can they change their status from friends to lovers without losing their hearts?

The Good: This was a blazing hot, sweet, and funny read. Mya and Milo have serious chemistry between the sheets and in the office. I liked that they were at equal levels in their careers and that their jobs figured so heavily into their love story. I also liked that their lack of communication was fear-based as opposed to convenient-plot-based. And there was a great speech at the end that reminded me that a hot story can be romantic and touching as well. This was a tightly-plotted, well-structured read with excellent dialogue, fun situations, and really likeable characters. Definitely worth the $1.49.

The Bad: Giving your H/H names that start with the same letter is always risky. Giving them names that start with same sound? — don’t do that.

The Naughty: Erotic. Explicit language. Back-to-back sex scenes. Sex with food.

Editing issues: None

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Length: Novella

Final Grade: A

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