Description: 40-something professor Zae Richardson, never expected to find love again after the death of her beloved husband, but her hunky, blond dojo trainer, 30-something, Chip, might give the feisty widow a new lease on life. This is the follow-up to BURN.

The Good: Ms. Hubbard is a very funny writer, and there were many laugh out loud moments in this book. I really enjoyed BURN, and loved catching up with Gian and Cinder as they pursued adoption. The side characters were well-drawn and engaging. And the ending was really great. Also, there was a lot of English major fan service. If you love literature or were an English major, you’re going to really appreciate this novel.

The Bad: Unfortunately the book took quite a while to get started. The narrative  felt more like a series of swollen anecdotal scenes than a story with a strong, driving plot. For example, music is introduced as a hobby for both characters way late in the novel, then there are a few tangential scenes before we really get back to the main story. The narrative also suffers from quite a few talking head scenes and a saggy middle that seems to mark time until we get to the much more well-crafted ending. In general the story felt scattered and could have benefited from stronger editing.

The Naughty: Sensual.

Editing issues: Minor. One typo found.

Publisher: Indigo Love Spectrum

Length: Novel

Final Grade: B-

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