MACY’S AWAKENING by Pepper Anthony

Description: When  the nineteen-year-old bi-racial daughter of an old college buddy gets in trouble with the law (through no fault of her own), Jerrod Preston, a divorced forty-three-year-old attorney, steps in to help. He agrees to not only represent her but also give her a place to live for seven weeks until her court date (she lives in another city, but was in town for a wedding). What he doesn’t count on is Macy breathing fresh air into his otherwise stale life. But can they overcome the many obstacles getting in the way of their budding love and passion?

The Good: This was a definite page turner. The author sent me this novel for review, and I opened it up just to see if I’d consider reading it in full. But somehow I didn’t end up putting it down until the very last page. Ms. Anthony excels at sexual tension. And I loved the way she used awkwardness between her H/H to highlight it. Both characters felt very realistic, especially Macy, who unlike many other romance novel virgins, worries about things a real nineteen-year-old virgin would worry about, like smelling okay and being sexy enough to attract a man like Jerrod. This book feels like a very realistic portrayal of what would happen if a forty-three-year-old attorney fell in love with his nineteen-year-old client.

The Bad: I commend Ms. Anthony for her realistic portrayals and solid writing skills, and I will certainly seek out future works. However, I think many readers my age will find the 24 year age difference off-putting.  Jerrod isn’t predatory, but Macy’s naiveté and innocence made me squeamish toward the beginning of their sexual relationship as opposed to completely on-board. This couple eventually proved themselves to be well-matched, but because of the age and life experience difference, it was hard to cheer for their HEA.

The Naughty: Erotic. Explicit language. Toys.

Editing issues: One typo found.

Publisher: Beachwalk Press

Length: 93 pages (estimated)

Final Grade: B

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