NEEDING NITA by Norah Wilson

Description: Attorney, Nita Reynolds, doesn’t date cops, but when she receives a fatal diagnosis, she decides to take Det. Craig Walker up on one of his many advances. If she’s going out, she’s going to do a lot living first with Detective Walker in her bed.

The Good: NEEDING NITA is funny and sweet and at the time of this writing totally free! This is, so far, the first free book, I’ve been able to heartily recommend. Loved, loved, loved the situation.

The Bad: I kept on trying to figure out if this was truly an interracial, bwwm, novel or if the woman on the cover just looked brown. I’m still not sure. Some reference to the heroine’s race would have been nice.

The Naughty: Erotic. Explicit language.

Editing issues: Minor. One typo.

Publisher: self-published

Length: Novella (15K words)

Final Grade: B

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