Description: Yvonne Floyd agrees to pose as her best, gay friend’s fiancee, so that he can sign another contract with the Italian soccer team he plays for, which has a conservative owner. However, she doesn’t count on falling for Robbie’s Japanese-Brazilian teammate, Paulo.

The Good: This book had me at the description. I’ve never read any romance novel with a soccer player as the hero. And though I’m not a fan of the sport, Ms. Brown does a fantastic job of introducing us into the world. And unlike most romance novels involving athletes, she actually gives us a taste of the sport. It’s like an IR version of the TV show, THE GAME. I seriously could not turn the pages fast enough.  The heroine was big-boned in all the right ways, and the Japanese-Brazilian hero, Paulo? Hot! Hot! Hot! And he rocks a fauxhawk — how cool! Also, there are two zinger surprises at the end that I just loved.

The Bad: A key piece of information concerning Paolo’s motivation is kept hidden until the end. There’s nothing wrong with having a character hold on to a big secret, but if the reader doesn’t know there’s a secret she should be waiting to hear, then it translates into more of a “Wha???” than a “Surprise!” when it’s revealed. But in this case, Ms. Brown’s strong plot made up for any unclear character motivation.

The Naughty: Erotic. Sex with masks. Sex in bathroom.

Editing issues: A few typos (I counted nine).

Publisher: Koko Brown

Length: Novel

Final Grade: B+

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  1. Storm
    Apr 19, 2013

    I loved This book, definitely made me a fan of Koko brown


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