SUCK IT UP (Grassroots Series, Book Two) by Emma Hillman

Description: Everybody likes Dr. Nate Franks, except his prickly shifter nurse, Kellie. However, after he finds out and solves her secret — the one that got her tortured by and eventually kicked out of her original pack — they are literally and passionately bonded.

The Good: Ms. Hillman sets up a great inner-character conflict for her heroine, in that she’s heterosexual while her inner-lioness prefers women. I have never seen this situation before and was immediately intrigued. I also loved the cover.

The Bad: Ms. Hillman set up a great situation, yes,  but failed to fully develop it. In general there was a lack of craft to this story. Nate keeps secrets that would be better shared for unstated reasons. Kellie’s character is uneven, never quite matching the intriguing back story that has been set up for her. Neither the hero nor the heroine have strong or clear story arcs. There are a lot of great ideas presented here that go left unexplored. Ms. Hillman is a better pantser than most novelists, but many of the inherent problems with “making it up as you go along” are on display in this story.

The Naughty: Erotic. Explicit language. 

Editing issues: Minor (2 typos and a few questionable contractions)

Publisher: Resplendence Publishing

Length: Novella

Final Grade: C

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