The Cover of My Next Novel and What I Like to Read vs. What I Like to Write


So we think this is going to be the cover of my next novel, which is tentatively titled HER RUSSIAN BILLIONAIRE, and will definitely be hitting Amazon in March. Don’t drop dead of shock, but the hero is a really intense alpha male.

I’m a huge fan of writing intense alpha males and favor complicated plots with heightened situations populated by people with really strong personalities.

But you know what, I just love reading a good novel about regular folks. If your novel has two regular people with really realistic obstacles, send it my way, because I will love it to death.

I think I like these “real romance” novels, because I can’t really write them. I need the drama and the sturm und drang to stay interested enough to write to the end. So I’m fascinated by writers who can weave compelling tales about regular people.

Really, many of the novels I love most, tend to deal with subjects and situations I wouldn’t be able to write myself. For example, I know nothing about the armed forces, but I love a good Marine novel. I could never do the research required for a historical romance, so I just love to read those.

I also tend to give novels an extra star just for being different. For example, Koko Brown’s PLAYER’S ULTIMATUM had me at soccer player lead. And Zena Wynn’s THE QUESTION, which I’ll be reviewing very favorably next week, had me at surrogate mother love quadrangle.

I don’t think a lot of writers read this blog, but if you are, I’d be interested to know about what you like to read vs. what you like to write.

Meanwhile, if you, too, enjoy a particularly intense alpha male, consider giving my novel, THE OWNER OF HIS HEART, a read.



  1. Vangiefan
    May 21, 2012

    I just red both of your books this weekend andI LOVED THEM!! I am anxiously awaiting your next book in the series. You strike a great balance with the alpha males and stong willed females.The love scenes are inticing and strong. You are a very talented writer. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed a well-edited book. Have you ever read any books by Savannah J Frierson? You two have become my favorite authors in a short time. Take care and please keep entertaining the masses!

    • Theodora Taylor
      May 22, 2012

      Thanks so much for this super-nice comment. It made my day. I haven’t read Ms. Frierson’s work, but I’ll check her out. Thanks for the rec!

  2. Bettye Griffin
    Feb 16, 2012

    This writer likes to read what she writes…engrossing, well-plotted, well-written stories about women, whether they be centered around love stories or more layered. I don’t particularly care for the family books where every sibling gets their own story. That’s pretty much it. Simple, huh?

    • Theodora Taylor
      Mar 14, 2012

      Here! Here! I’m not a big fan of family books either. I used to be back in the day, though.