So Disappointed in Romance Writers Ink *and* Romance Writers of America

I wanted to add my voice to the many writers and bloggers who are raging against the decision made by Romance Writers Ink, an Oklahoma chapter of Romance Writers of America, to ban novels featuring same-sex protagonists from their writing contest.

This official declaration is gross at every level. And I’m appalled that the national org isn’t stepping in. They say that they can’t police local contests, but you know if this chapter had decided to ban black novels or interracial novels from their, they would have done so. I’ve no doubt that they would have done so.

It’s easy enough for RWA to say that local chapters cannot openly discriminate against their members due to the sexual orientation of their characters! They’re choosing not to do so. And have no doubt about it, this is discrimination of Romance Writer Ink’s part.

Shame on you, RWA. And even more shame on this close-minded chapter.

I am a dues-paying RWA member and I am ashamed to be associated with both of you right now.