UNDER A CRESCENT MOON by Violette Dubrinsky

Description: When Azaleigh Montclaire inherits her eccentric aunt’s estate, she discovers that she’s inherited more than a house. There’s also a book of spells, a job as the town’s guardian witch (its only line of defense against vampires), and — oh yeah, a shockingly handsome protector name Victor St. Croix.

The Good: This is a doozy of a tale, with a twist so unexpected and huge I gasped out loud. The story was thoroughly compelling and even somewhat funny. Also, both the sex and hero were written very well.

The Bad: The hero’s motivation in regard to the resolution felt slightly unearned.

The Naughty: Steamy. Masturbation. Biting.

Editing issues: 5 typos found

Publisher: Author

Length: 154 pages (Amazon estimated length)

Final Grade: B+

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