WE ALL SCREAM by Nona Wesley

Description: The economy has been rough on Diahann Marshall’s family-owned ice cream shop and her love life has gone even colder than the product she sells. Can local business owner Sun Li, who she thinks is a Chinese food delivery guy, be the perfect solve for both?

The Good: Compelling premise. I’m a big fan of mistaken identity plots and kept on reading just to see how it would all turn out.

The Bad:  The H/H relationship is so under-developed that the great set-up is effectively ruined. Both characters (but especially Sun Li) lack strong/clear motivation, which makes suspension of disbelief particularly hard when certain romantic plot points play out. At the end of the day, this romance just isn’t very romantic. Also, the heroine’s sister, who is set up here for a book of her own, is meant to be funny, but often comes off as racist. (ex. she refers to the hero as Jackie Chan)

The Naughty: Steamy.

Editing issues: Several typos (counted 11). Missing chapter breaks in places.

Publisher: Phaze Books

Length: Novella

Final Grade: D+

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