A HARD MAN TO LOVE by Delaney Diamond

Description: When cigar-smoking multi-millionaire Derrick Hoffman finds out that his ex-girlfriend Eva Jacobs is pregnant with his child, he does whatever it takes to ensure that the baby remain in his custody, including blackmailing Eva into a marriage of convenience. But, as it turns out, it’s a thin line between convenience and passion…

The Good: First off, that cover is the business, a perfect representation of the hero. I actually picked it up, thinking I wouldn’t be able to review it, but wanting to read it because of its Harlequinesque situation and fantastic cover. Lucky for me, the hero was biracial, so it ended up falling within the IR category. What a page turner! I love a hero with issues, and Derrick had plenty.  I also appreciated the story’s sweet little domestic touches — there’s an ongoing argument about crumbs in the bed that I’ve had with my own husband. Last but not least, the resolution was satisfying and felt fully earned.

The Bad: There’s a story arc, involving the identity of Eva’s father that was introduced late, felt tangential, and left unresolved.

The Naughty: Sensual. Pregnant sex. 

Editing issues: None.

Publisher: Diamond Press (indie author)

Length: 37,800

Final Grade: A-

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