Description: When down-on-her-luck Scarlet Eldrige accepts a job as a nanny for a hellion teen, she’s thoroughly unprepared for the passion her charge’s father, Ethan, makes her feel. Can she keep both the unruly teenager and her attraction to Ethan in check?

The Good: Scarlet is a very sweet girl, and the theme of luck is played out very well. The story had a strong, compelling plot, and the sex scenes were hot and well-executed. Certainly worth the very small price!

The Bad: Scarlet is very concerned that everyone (including her bratty charge) likes her, and at times comes off as a doormat. Readers who don’t like “weak” characters, will find this heroine a bit frustrating. Also, there is a somewhat cliche, and ultimately unneeded beginning with the old cheating boyfriend break-up scene.

The Naughty: Steamy>Erotic. Serious sexual tension. 

Editing issues: Seven typos counted. Weird formatting.

Publisher: Self-Published

Length: Novel

Final Grade: B+

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