HELLRAISER by Kelly Wallace

Anybody else sick of me talking about me? Good! Then let’s delve back into these reviews, which I really missed posting in the run up to getting my new book, HER RUSSIAN BILLIONAIRE up and at ’em over at Amazon. First up this week, HELLRAISER by Kelly Wallace.

Description: When bitter and cynical recent divorcé, Dr. Zach Taylor, agrees to buy into a practice in Baltimore sight unseen, he’s expecting an elderly white partner, tending to adult patients. But what he finds is Dr. Sam Winslow, a kooky-but-really-sexy black woman, who dresses up in costumes to tend to her pediatric patients. Can opposites this extreme attract? Oh yes, they can!

The Good: Well, Sam is a total pip and very hard not to adore. I also really liked that the hero was serious and anxious. You could really see why he needed someone like Sam in his life and vice versa. Also, at one point the word “fandamntastic” gets used to describe the sex, and that one’s pretty awesome as far as made-up words go.

The Bad: The resolution felt a bit abrupt and unearned. And this line: “Her face grew pink [with embarrassment] and Zach thought she was going to slug him.” Since the heroine isn’t described as particularly light, and the cover model is pretty brown-skinned, I didn’t understand how this could happen. When authors write heroines outside their own skin color it’s important to remember the physiological differences, as well.

The Naughty: Steamy heat level.

Editing issues: Several typos (11 counted). Weirdly formatted (no paragraph indents). Bob Seger’s (the musician) name is misspelled more than once.

Publisher: Sinful Romance (indie author)

Length: Novella

Final Grade: B

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