INFATUATION: A Little Harmless Military Romance by Melissa Schroeder

Description: After a night of intense passion, Navy Seal, Francis Kade, promises to stay in touch with Shannon, the sister of one of his best friends. But a mission-gone-terribly-awry damages him both physically and emotionally. Can Shannon help him heal?

The Good: I’m a big fan of the wounded soldier trope, and Shannon was awesome. She was warm and caring without allowing herself to become a complete doormat. Personality-wise she was everything that Kade needed. Also, that cover is awesome.

The Bad: Though, I understand that BDSM is a theme in this series, in this book’s case, the carpet doesn’t match the drapes sex doesn’t match the couple. Ms. Schroeder fails to connect for the reader why a soldier with PTSD would be interested in dominating. So though the sex was really hot, it did not read like the sex this particular couple would be having, given their backgrounds. In the end, INFATUATION is an otherwise sexy story, bogged down by its theme. Also, the hero’s psychological arc wasn’t fully resolved, and I was left questioning whether Kade would be “all right.”

The Naughty: Steamy. Light BDSM. Toys.

Editing issues: One typo found

Publisher: Indie

Length: 36,226 words (Smashwords approximate)

Final Grade: B-

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