LIASON (Soul Bond Book One) by Ambrielle Kirk

Description: When a young witch coven queen accidentally summons a half-demon prince in order to get back a powerful spell book, unexpected passion erupts.

The Good: Ms. Kirk has a considerable facility for situation and world-building. Also, I really appreciate that this novella was “different” — not your run-of-the-mill paranormal. I think if she keeps attending to her craft, she could really become something special, and I will certainly give her future works a look.

The Bad: As much as I wanted to love this story, it suffers from poor execution. The set-ups — especially the ones concerning the magical book — aren’t clear. Battle promises aren’t paid off. Twists come out of the blue, and more attention is given to setting up the next book in the series than to fully resolving the current one. Also, I was never quite clear on the heroine’s race. From a few of the clues given, I decided that she was perhaps biracial, but I wasn’t sure, and this made it hard to form a clear picture of her.

The Naughty: Erotic. Non-human.

Editing issues: 3 typos found.

Publisher: Breathless Press

Length: 67 pages (Amazon estimated length)

Final Grade: C

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*An e-copy of this book was provided by the author for review. 


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