Description: Jem’ya, a black African healer comes to the aid of Tareq, a North African “farmer,” not realizing that he is really the prince of her land, and the son of their monstrous king.

The Good: This is a really epic love story, told on a historical scale that you don’t often see in IR. I loved that both the hero and the heroine were virgins and that it made the love story no less compelling. Somehow the Victorian nature of it all, kept the romance hot. At one point the H/H hug, and I found it surprisingly emotional as a reader.

The Bad: This is a prime example of why tears should only be used in a book once, maybe three times tops. Jem’ya cries so much, it’s hard to stay emotionally connected to her. Tears are like dynamite. Don’t use them unless you really need it, or else they can really backfire on you. In this case, there was just way, way too much crying.

The Naughty: Slightly sensual.Virgin sex.

Editing issues: Minor typos (3 counted). Headhopping. Occasional verb misusage.

Publisher: ReneeRomance Books (indie author)

Length: 252 pages (Amazon estimated length)

Final Grade: B

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