WHIMSY by Thayer King

Description: In a case of some seriously mistaken identity, Princess Whimsy Featherstone is sold to King Gaedrian as a pleasure slave. Gaedrian is quite unhappily under the influence of Fate, a drug that drives its taker wild with lust until he finds his true mate. Can fate bring them together?

The Good: This set-up is great and had me at go. And the world-building in WHIMSY is just terrific. As usual with Ms. King’s writing, the sex is off-the-hook H.O.T. and the build up to it is very well done. There’s also a side character named Dark, who is so cold-yet-complex, he stole every scene he was in. He deserves and truly needs his own book.

The Bad: While WHIMSY’s situation is well-developed, the character of Whimsy herself isn’t.  It was difficult to understand why she kept her identity hiddent. An arc between her and Gaedrin’s mom is never fully resolved. Nor is Whimsy’s own inner-arc. She remains overly hesitant until the end, and she doesn’t ask questions to the point of being convenient.

Also, the end of the book, though fun, is rushed.

The Naughty: Erotic. Withheld sex. Virgin.

Editing issues: One typo. Weird dialogue formatting.

Publisher: Evernight Publishing

Length: 38,860 words

Final Grade: B

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