Description: Years ago Kalyx and Luz were best friends in love, bonded over their mutual inability to shape shift. But when Luz shifts, Kalyx runs away, feeling their love can’t transcend their pack caste. Now she’s back for her sister’s wedding. Can Luz, who never stopped loving her, convince her that they belong together?

The Good: This is a hot and compelling story. I love tortured alphas, and Luz is that.

The Bad: There’s too much story stuffed into too small of a word count. And though, Ms. Colt has excellent plot points, she doesn’t take the time to really explore any of them, not even the H/H’s intriguing back story. This was a good story diminished by lack of good craft. Everything feels rushed and nothing is truly fleshed out.

The Naughty: Erotic. Masturbation.

Editing issues: One typo found. Clumsy grammar and word choice in places.

Publisher: Breathless Press

Length: Novella (12, 127 words)

Final Grade: C+

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