JUICY by Pepper Pace

Description: When, Juicy, a “dark as licorice” hairdresser with anger management issues is unexpectedly saved by Troy, a homeless white man with mental issues, really unexpected sparks fly.

The Good: Let’s start with the fact that Ms. Pace managed to make a homeless white hero with mental issues not only sexy, but appealing. That alone would have blown my mind, but she also manages to successfully throw many of the romance formula rules out the window — which only makes the novel even more romantic in my opinion. Ms. Pace has a strange sense of humor, and this makes for a very fresh novel. In many ways, JUICY is a page turner fueled by its own oddness.

The Bad: This is difficult, because I want to give this odd gem of a novel an A+, but it has quite a few issues that can’t be overlooked, mostly surrounding craft. Ms. Pace has tremendous talent, which is held back by often clunky execution. Her loose narrative walks a very thin line, only narrowly missing a full-on ramble at times. She writes poetically at times, but tends to follow every train of thought, which makes for a bloated story. Also, there are so many typos, I had to detract a full star. Somewhat like Latrivia Nelson, one feels Ms. Pace could go much further, if she engaged a stronger editor for this and future works.

The Naughty: Sensual. Rape (not depicted). Sex in barber chair.

Editing issues: Several typos.

Publisher: Indie Writer

Length: Novel-length

Final Grade: B-

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  1. Roslynholcomb
    Apr 8, 2012

    Love Pepper, from back when she started on Literotica. Her stories are awesome sauce, but definitely not your typical romance.

    • Theodora Taylor
      Apr 12, 2012

      I was blown away. I’m sure she has and deserves a really dedicated fan base and I’m excited to watch her career grow. I love that she put in her 10,000 hours at Literotica. What a back story.