ACTING WITCHY by Thayer King

Description: When actress Mystique Gray meets writer/director/producer/actor/super-possessive alpha male Sean Savage, their chemistry is undeniable, but Mystique has some serious reservations — mainly surrounding the fact that he’s a witch!

The Good: Well, as always with Ms. King, the sex is super-hot. Seriously, she should write a how-to manual on this, because she does it really well. Also, this is a surprisingly full story for it’s length. Well worth the $4.99, you’ll feel like you’ve “read a book.” There’s also a very nice set-up for the hero’s brother, who is super-intriguing and really needs to have a book of his own.

The Bad: While the plot is really tight, the heroine’s motivations aren’t made clear until rather late in the book — which gives us plenty of time to get roiling mad at her and wonder why she’s being so resistant. The character’s motivation needed to be revealed much, much earlier, so that we could all be on the same page with — as opposed to mad at — her. But if anyone is reading this who’s on the verge of putting the book down, let me assure you, she has what turns out to be sound and fascinating reasons for resisting this relationship at every turn.

The Naughty: Erotic. Huge build up and tension. Explicit language.

Editing issues: No typos found. Weird dialogue formatting on Kindle app.

Publisher: Evernight Publishing

Length: 34K+ words

Final Grade: B+

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