AFTERBURN by Sonia Hightower

Description: When Crystal, a white Air Force mechanic falls for Grant, a black pilot and officer, will their love fly or will real-world circumstances ground them?

The Good: I loved the heroine, even more so because she was dealing with an extremely hostile work environment. The author also did a good job with a secondary character, who could have just been used as a dumb foil, but ended up having layers. The obstacles Crystal faced as an Air Force mechanic in an interracial relationship felt very realistic, and made for a compelling read. When I wasn’t getting angry on her behalf, I found myself really rooting for her.

The Bad: There are a couple of big craft problems, starting with the prologue, which really isn’t needed and doesn’t add to the story, especially since the hero’s POV was somewhat under-developed. The heroine has such a strong character and situation that one might argue the book should have been exclusively written from her point-of-view. Also, the author goes through a lot of trouble to establish how easy it is for this couple to be honest with each other, only to have one of them lie for a rather shaky reason, which made the main love conflict feel forced.

The Naughty: Sensual. Hotel room sex. 

Editing issues: No typos found. 2 instances of head-hopping.

Publisher: Breathless Press

Length: 25,000+

Final Grade: B

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*This review is based on an e-copy of the book provided to me by either the author or her representative.


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