STRANDED by Pepper Pace

Description: When Oceans Delano, a shy Jamaican woman and Marshall Cohen, a privileged-but-somewhat-shady white businessman are stranded on an island together, they must fight to survive and to navigate their growing love for one another.

The Good: This is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time, and therefore my “loved” list is rather long. LOVED: all the details about survival — it felt really real, the cultural touches from the heroine’s Jamaican background, the slow burn toward sex — and that it delivered on its promise, the gritty situations, the high-stakes sex, and the realistic conflict. The stakes were high and the story was told in such a way that I truly did not know what would happen next. Pepper Pace is a very special writer and a credit to the IR genre. When people talk about really good books that would have gotten rejected by a Big Six publishing house, because they wouldn’t have known what to do with it, they’re talking about books like STRANDED.

The Bad: The plot was crack-a-lacking. The characters were on point. But unfortunately this story suffers from lots of typos and some really serious abuse of exclamation marks and CAPS. These take you out of the story and keep it from making it into A+ territory.

The Naughty: Steamy. Very gritty sex. Truly difficult situations surrounding sex. 

Editing issues: Lots of typos.

Publisher: Indie

Length: 146 pages (Amazon estimated length)

Final Grade: A-

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