Description: After getting dumped by his girlfriend, former playboy, Joshua Merrill, begins looking at his friend, Derica, in a whole new light. But can she forget about his past and give him a green light to her heart?

The Good: It was nice to read a novel populated by people in their early twenties, and I love the “circle of friends” concept. Super-cute cover!

The Bad: Unfortunately, this read like an episode of Beverly Hills 90210 during the post-college years — which I actually loved — but in this case, way too much time was given to other characters, and since we haven’t seen the episodes that came before this one, there was a lot of telling us about main characters and their back stories as opposed to actual character development.
For example, we’re told Joshua was a big horn dog before the girl that dumped him came along, but all we’re shown is him coming out of a committed relationship, which he only felt s0-so about. This makes the heroine seem paranoid for resisting him, even though she ostensibly has a huge crush on him.

That sounds like a somewhat dramatic situation, but because of the execution, the story is almost boring in its straightforwardness. There’s barely any conflict, and the little that there is is easily overcome. The characters don’t earn anything, which makes the HEA feel rather hollow.

The Naughty: Sensual>Steamy. Friends become lovers. Explicit language.

Editing issues: None noted.

Publisher: Phaze Books

Length: 51 pages

Final Grade: C

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