SHERRY’S WOLF by Maddy Barone

Description: Sherry Rowe is reeling from 1) surviving a plane crash that sling-shotted her fifty years into the future, where after a nuclear disaster, there are very few women and a ton of Native American werewolves looking to mate; 2) the death of her philandering, abusive husband who was also on the plane, and 3) a werewolf named Jumping Stag, who won’t take no for answer.

The Good: This is a great premise. I also love that Sherry is Catholic and really conflicted about her problematic marriage, even now that its over. Also, who doesn’t love a group of men who hold women in the highest regard. And I really like that Jumping Stag is a virgin — it made their sex scene hotter somehow.

The Bad: Sadly this a case of a great premise completely squandered by terrible execution. SHERRY’S WOLF is poorly structured, feels rushed, and doesn’t have much in the way of compelling conflict. We’re told that Sherry is shy and scared but she comes off as accusatory, wishy-washy, and selfish, despite her sympathetic backstory. Most readers will wonder why Jumping Stag’s “wolf” chose her. Most writers will wonder why neither hero nor heroine was given a true arc before getting shoved into a rather abrupt ending.

The Naughty: Sensual. Male Virgin.

Editing issues: 4 typos found. Weird dialogue formatting on the Kindle.

Publisher: Indie

Length: 86 pages

Final Grade: D+

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