TAKEN BY A NYMPH by Lizzie Lynn Lee

Description: Nymph Prince Avaran de Charmange is having a terrible time finding a wife, which he needs in order to take his rightful place on the Surian throne, but then he encounters plus-sized beauty, Raine Jackson.

The Good: Well, I just loved that the heroine was a plus-sized, plain jane nurse divorcee. This story is funny, has good pacing, and also has good stakes and action. On another note, I really enjoyed Ms. Lee’s bio.

The Bad: The novella suffers from a lack of romantic conflict, though it’s well set-up for such. In the end, the hero has a great arc, but the couple does not.

The Naughty: Erotic. Explicit language. Tons of hot sex. Older woman, younger man.

Editing issues: 5 typos found.

Publisher: Indie

Length: 61 pages

Final Grade: B

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