Description: When Annamarie “Jayla” Howard is convinced to come work at a Scottish castle by her younger brother, she never dreams she’ll become embroiled in a tumultuous affair with its sexy-but-arrogant owner, Baron Alec Cavanaugh.

The Good: This book is a serious page-turner. The only reason I didn’t read it in two sittings was because I had to actually do my dayjob — which I consequentially began to resent for keeping me from further reading. If you like soap opera and yelling, “Oh no, he didn’t!” at your books (as I do), then you will love TAMING THE SCOTSMAN. It has well-constructed conflict, a compelling alpha male who loves soul music, really wonderful cultural details about Scotland, and somehow Ms. Mynx manages to keep things sexy even in between the actual sexing. I love the twist on the “taming of the shrew” — especially since this alpha male really, really, really needs taming. You’ll hopefully have fun getting mad at him before getting won over by him again and again. Also, the book is a more-than-good length for it’s price.

The Bad: Jayla as a character was a bit uneven, at times caving in when perhaps the reader would not. This will make her feel a little inconsistent and weak to some readers. Ms. Mynx sets up quite a few clocks, which become hard to track and don’t pay off. There are a few ill-advised italicized dream and memory passages that not only stopped the story’s momentum, but also felt completely unneeded. And the ending felt a bit rushed, not as firm as a reader might want.

The Naughty: Steamy verging on erotic. Sex on a train. Delicious blackmail.

Editing issues: Quite a few typos (over 10). Word misusage. Dialogue weirdly formatted on Kindle.

Publisher: The Divas Pen LLC (indie)

Length: 300 pages

Final Grade: B+

Click on the widget to buy at Amazon for $3.99. [UPDATE: it looks like this book is not available on Amazon at the moment, but it can still be found at the All Romance site.]


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  1. I look forward to seeing these reviews go uo! As of yesterday, this book had no pricing/ordering information on Amazon. Hopefully they’re re-pricing it for another publisher!

    • Yellowbird86
      Jun 7, 2012

      I think the writer took it down because someone pointed out the plots’ similarities of another book The Boss’s Forbidden Secretary by Harlequin author Lee Wilkinson.

      • Oh my! Well, that’s not good. Thanks for the update!

        • KHill
          Jun 7, 2012

          It’s still available at http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-tamingthescotsman-574163-168.html

          It was free a week ago, but now it’s $4.99.

          • Theodora Taylor
            Jun 13, 2012

            Thanks so much for the link. Updated the post accordingly.

        • Theodora Taylor
          Jun 13, 2012

          I’ve read both books and I don’t think it’s any more egregious than 50 SHADES OF GRAY. Totally worth picking up at All Romance.

          • Yellowbird86
            Jun 27, 2012

            But the 50 Shades author warned people she borrowed from the author. Ms. Minx borrowed the basic plot without supplying a warning. Lazy and bordering on copyright infringement but of course you wouldnt see anything wrong with borrowing since you borrow heavily from Janet Daily and her Americana series and possibly Eve Vaughn (Mistress of the Beast) and Koko Brown (Frozen in Time).

          • Theodora Taylor
            Jun 27, 2012

            Um, I actually didn’t borrow from any of those books. I’ve never read any of Janet Daily’s novels or the Koko Brown novel. I’ve only read one Koko Brown novel, PLAYER’S ULTIMATUM, which I really enjoyed. I will confess to loving MISTRESS OF THE BEAST, which is a modern retelling of another favorite, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, but I didn’t borrow from either. Still, if you really think I’m borrowing heavily from other books, feel free not to read them. I work hard on these books and craft them from the bottom of my heart, toiling over my outlines for days and killing myself with added stress to make sure the story makes sense in the end. I don’t mind if you find my books derivative — which I believe is the insult you’re really aiming for — but if you read this blog, you’ll see I don’t take accusations of borrowing from others’ work lightly. Also, I respect the passion of fan fiction writers. If that was my bag, I would heartily confess to it.

            As for TAMING, from what I saw, Ms. Mynx was a popular fan fiction writer before her current run as a popular romance writer. The first time this was posted to a fan fiction site, it was posted as such. Then, like E.L. James, she edited it and reposted it as fiction on Amazon. I just went to the Amazon description of 50 SHADES, and it says absolutely nothing about it being fan fiction. I’m not sure where you’re getting this warning business. From what I understand, most readers weren’t aware it had started life as fan fiction until it went viral — I know I wasn’t.

            In any case, you do bring up an interesting topic. Should a book that started out as fan fiction be labeled as such? Is fan fiction copyright infringement — I don’t believe it is, because there are only a few story lines floating around and you can’t copyright ideas. But if you’d like to discuss what you’d like to see be the rules of fan fiction in a civilized manner, feel free to use this thread to do so.

            However, if you merely want to use the blog to anonymously troll me, by accusing me of things I haven’t done, this is all the food you’re ever going to get for me.