Description: Lynn James is willing to do anything to save her beloved stepfather’s ranch, but does “anything” include agreeing to rancher, Jake Ragnall’s erotic ultimatum?

The Good: This is a very sexy story with great stakes. Added to that, Ms. Foxx sets up a fantastic back story for the H/H’s parents, with a terrific nod to the older generation of loving couples who paved the way. I also loved that Lynn was full-figured and that this significantly added to her attraction for Jake.

The Bad: There’s a big reveal at the end, which is not set up well. The story could have functioned just as well without it. Also, there’s a rival element between Jake and Lynn’s stepbrother that doesn’t add up to much in the end.

The Naughty: Steamy verging on erotic. Light BDSM. Masturbation. Sex in hot tub.

Editing issues: 10 typos counted. Clunky grammar in places.

Publisher: *It looks like this is an indie re-release of an earlier story originally with Phaze Books.

Length: 145 pages

Final Grade: B+

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