AT LAST by Billy London

Description:¬†Courtney has been nursing a low-grade crush on her long time mate, Chris, who is away, teaching English in South Africa — so imagine her surprise when she starts receiving emails from Chris’s housemate, Ryan. Can Courtney and Ryan bring their online romance into the real world?

The Good: This is a sweet but seriously sexy story, featuring a very cute, young couple, who make each other laugh. They had terrific banter, and again the sex was very, very hot. I loved that the two characters really felt like young people. They have young people flaws, get in young people scrapes, and generally do the things that young people do. The story felt culturally authentic and age appropriate.

The Bad: Lots of references to Brit pop culture and lots of British slang, which might confuse or annoy some American readers. I actually loved it and thought it really added international color to the overall story and setting. Also, the few jokes I got were really funny.

The Naughty: Erotic. Hot phone sex. Virgin. Explicit language.

Editing issues: 1 typo found.

Publisher: Beautiful Trouble Publishing

Length: 131 pages

Final Grade: A-

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Theodora Taylor writes and reviews in Pittsburgh, PA.