Books I Recently Downloaded After Reading the Sample (July 2012)

So the last “Books I Recently Downloaded After Reading the Sample” post went so well, that I figured I’d do it again. Plus, real talk: It really does help me keep my reading organized. I don’t want to say I have a problem with keeping my digital bookshelves organized , but I do often find unread samples and sometimes entire books that got lost in the shuffle. Having these posts to refer to helps me keep it all sorted.

I’ve done reports on most of the books from last time — including SNATCHED by Sharon Cullars, which I downloaded without needing a sample — her writing is just that awesome. But here are the few I didn’t finish. Please let me know if I’m really missing out:

1. LAWKED FLAME by Erosa Knowles. Though I more than loved the premise, the storytelling itself became way too convoluted, and soon I was irretrievably confused. However, certain scenes from the book have really stayed with me, and I’m leaning toward picking it up again if just to see how it all turns out. This might be one I need to read slowly.

2. LIVING VIOLET by Jamie Reed. I so wanted to love this, but this novel rambles and rambles, plodding along at a glacial place. It’s strange, because teenagers are often accused of having no attention span, but I didn’t feel I had enough of one to get through this book.


Now for the stuff I recently downloaded in no particular order. Feel free to weigh in with your opinions in the comments.

1. BRIAR’S CHAMPION by Mahalia Levey. I love a story that begins with a heroine getting dumped. Comeback stories are the best. Also, I really enjoy the author “hotspot” interviews Ms. Levey does on IRMC.

2. THE DOCTOR’S SECRET BRIDE by Ana E. Ross. Hot nanny, hot employer, close quarters with a mystery brewing in the background? Sign me up!

3. THE HICK & THE HIPPIE by Sherrod Story. This author pretty much had me at the title, but the opening is also smoking hot. A story about an outspoken activist who falls for the town’s football star? Yes, please!

4. AT LAST by Billy London. I’ve gotten several notes from readers recommending this author, and I do have a soft spot for epistolary openings, so I decided o give this one a chance.

5. AFTER THE KISS by Violet Williams. I’m really looking forward to reading this. The scenario, of a black girl caught up in a relationship with an unstable mafia scion, is very high stakes. I was sad when the sample ended, because I very much wanted to see what would happen next.

6. HOT FOR TEACHER by Roslyn Hardy Holcomb. A heroine who doesn’t want to be in committed relationship? Now that’s different! Also I have a thing for hair rock, so the title and the way it was designed really appealed to me.

7. THE NAUGHTY SINS OF A SAINT by Tiana Laveen. The sample has a ton of craft problems, and I really don’t agree with many of the hero’s opinions, but the story did manage to hold me rapt for the length of the sample. This is one of those novels that is so crazy, it just might work. Either that or completely fall apart. We’ll see.

8. THE BROKEN H by J.L. Langley. Yeah, I’m pretty much a sucker for any m/m set on a ranch.

9. TRANSGENDER HELL by Downy Davis.  A transgender woman waits til her wedding night to tell her husband she used to be a guy? No, she didn’t! I’m reading just to see how this all turns out.

10. BABY ON BOARD by Dahlia Rose. A party-hard soldier gets a baby he didn’t know he fathered dropped off on his door step and turns to the nurse next door for help. I think this might end up being a nice combination of sweet and hot — something Ms. Rose is known for.

11. ON CALL: AFTERNOON by P.D. Singer. Usually engaging IR m/m’s are few and far between, but I found two this cycle. And this one has cat on the cover. Full of win if you love cats as much as I do.

12. MARK OF KANE by Nadia Aidan. A jewelry thief doesn’t know that her lover is working undercover to catch her? Yes, please. The sample was a ton of fun with well-written action. Can’t wait to read the rest.

13. SEDUCED BY THE WOLF by Zena Wynn. Found this in the aforementioned books I’d downloaded a sample for, but had forgotten to read. Well, the sample turned out to be crack-a-lacking. I was annoyed with myself for letting it collect dust.

14. CLAIMING SHAYLA (True Mates) by Zena Wynn. This isthe latest book in Ms. Wynn’s “True Mates” series. She’s shown a lot of growth as a writer over the years, and I am now ready to give the series another chance.

15. BRUSH STROKES by Dee Carney. For whatever reason, I really love women artists as heroes, so this book had me at hello.




  1. Cerisa
    Jul 25, 2012

    I can’t wait to read your review on ” The Naughty Sins Of A Saint”. I’m curious to read your thoughts on this book and to see which category you will fall in. Will you be with the majority who feels this story came together wonderfully and just loved it or will you be in the one and lonesome group with me that feels the story fell apart because there was too much going on to pull it together and it was just a hot mess…lol!!!! Don’t want to give anything a way but I have one word that could of saved this story…EDITING.

    • Theodora Taylor
      Jul 26, 2012

      Oh, Lordy. Well hopefully the story is compelling enough to make up for editing. We’ll see. Moving it up on the list.

  2. Theodora Taylor
    Jul 24, 2012

    This is a test.