BRIAR’S CHAMPION by Mahalia Levey

Description: When Briar’s famous boyfriend, not only marries someone else, but also kicks her out of the home they shared together, she thinks she’s done with love for good — that is, until Sloan Gutiérrez walks into her life.

The Good: I love a concept that involves a heroine forgetting one man by getting under another. Also, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a hero who just prefers to date black women.

The Bad: A great set-up is squandered by rushed and clumsy execution. The love story especially lacks craft: the initial attraction between Briar and Sloan is based purely on each thinking the other is really hot, and then they end up committing super fast for unconvincing reasons. Briar’s personality morphs from plot point to plot point, which makes for a really uneven and inconsistent main character. And there’s an unneeded plot point tacked on to end of the story. Other craft issues: stilted dialogue, long speeches, unnecessary interior thought.

The Naughty: Steamy. Sex at first meet. Explicit language. 

Editing issues: 2 typos. Missing commas. Word misusage.

Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing

Length: 49 pages

Final Grade: C

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Theodora Taylor writes and reviews interracial romance novels in Pittsburgh, PA.





  1. Femmebot
    Jul 31, 2012

    I have to say this book was aweful. There is very little character development of the hero (and I do mean teeny-tiny) and the heroine is blah throughout most of the story. Their 8 years of correspondence is never developed and I never got the sense of what their true connection was. What disappointed me most was that the WOLF has absolutely no bearing on the story and is more of an afterthought than having any true purpose. Sean didn’t need to be wolf in this story because it meant nothing. Also, the author’s rapid ending and even more rapid epilogue was extremely disappointing. This book is a D- for me.

    • Theodora Taylor
      Aug 21, 2012


      I think you meant to leave this on my review of SEDUCED BY THE WOLF, yes? In any case, thanks for your thoughts. It’s always really interesting to hear the other side. If you don’t think Sean was wolf enough, try CLAIMING SHAYLA: True Mates. Woo-boy! Ms. Wynn really steps up the wolf in that one.